Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sometimes Series calculations cause questions and confusion

We had our Brooklyn Triple Crown Awards Dinner last night and there was some questions about the series team calculation for the Male Masters.

Here are the details:

First Place:
  • Tony Watson "M-pptc",,"M",53,"1:03:46",85
  • Joern Alhers "M-pptc",,"M",44,"1:07:35",142
  • Al Prawda "M-pptc",,"M",64,"1:20:25",368


Second Place:
  • James McFarlane "M-srs",,"M",55,"1:10:42",168
  • Craig Diesslin "M-srs",,"M",51,"1:15:18",272
  • Russell Hauk "M-srs",,"M",61,"1:20:35",365
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