Friday, October 24, 2014

Civic Minded Computer Programmers Please fork this repository

We should all thank Ben Kallos (a New York City Councilperson) for his forward thinking and his ability to say and do things that he believes in.


This is a place where we can re-build law from the ground up -- which is the way to build any stable structure.

Please fork it, change it and issue pull requests.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

2014 November New York State Ballot Proposals

Please everyone read and prepare for the New York State Ballot proposals.  Even though we in New York State have no direct initiative process and even more surprising, we seem to give almost no attention to our existing ballot proposal system, we still recommend that you read to understand the very weak democracy in action in New York State.  Please read and understand the ballot proposals BEFORE going in to the voting area.

I recommend that you discuss this with your peers and in groups and everywhere.

While you are at it, ask yourself "WHY does New York State NOT have a direct initiative process, similar to Switzerland and most US Western States?"

Monday, October 13, 2014

Do you want to see your New York City Council Hearings?


This is a very old and not mobile friendly site.

But it holds all your tax dollar funded new york city council hearings

Please contact your city councilperson and ask that they move to a better mobile friendly video hosting.

Please contact your state and city representatives

See the eye test:  (yes this is the mobile site for our city council.  Unreadable!)

Android Wear Workshop coming up Date: Sunday Oct 19, 9am-5pm Place: Google's New York office

Go to to apply to attend

At this one day code workshop event, you will have personal help from a Google expert, Lisa Wray, to Wear-enable your existing Android app. Please arrive with your app in your IDE ready to go, the wearable SDK installed, and your laptop.

You will receive an invitation via email if your application is selected. We are looking for experienced developers who can benefit the most from a Google expert. We especially encourage you to apply if you have an app in the Google Play store.

Date: Sunday Oct 19, 9am-5pm
Place: Google's New York office

Saturday, October 4, 2014

mayor deblasio "sings" (sic) bills?

Please take a look at

It appears our mayor is also a "singer (sic) of bills"

Plus the video and audio appears to be completely incoherent.

It appears that our council will legislate next that you must be polite to everyone you meet and there will be a civil penalty for impoliteness.

This "mutual admiration society" in our city government must end.  And if not, any person with the means and intelligence will leave New York City.  Please everyone consider running for mayor for the next election.  And if you cannot, speak to your associates and neighbors.  Please create "political clubs" etc.  We need to get more involved!