Monday, March 23, 2015

Using re:dash and BigQuery to plot New York City IDNYC Waiting Time


This uses and to plot the number of days you will wait to get an IDNYC identification card.

You can turn off and on particular locations to see the chart for each location.

The data comes directly from the IDNYC calendar program.

It is interesting to note the days when the "days to wait" falls sharply.  We wonder what is going on there?

Another excellent feature of re:dash is it has an automatic update feature.  This data and chart should update each day.

Many thanks to @arikfr (Author re:dash) and @fhoffa (Google BigQuery Dev Rel)

Monday, March 9, 2015


Please everyone read or listen to this memorandum:

After 20 years or more of alleged crimes, our former speaker feels that the US Attorney is treating him too roughly apparently. What do you think?

Please read this:

Monday, March 2, 2015

FOIL New York State court receipts

Many thanks to the New York State Comptrollers office for this FOIL data.  We asked for all the court receipts and found out that only a small part of court receipts are handled by the department that was nice enough to respond.  In fact, New York City court receipts seems to not be accounted for at all.

The data seems to cover 2014 and part of 2013 but there is no way to know if it is complete or even accurate. :(

There are cases where the surcharges are higher than the civil fine for example, for DIS TRFC DEVICE the civil fine sum is $54K and the surcharge sum is $80K

Does anyone know how to FOIL the New York City courts receipts records?  Please contact us at +Ralph Yozzo or 

The raw data that was provided by the New York State Comptroller is here:

The transformed data is here:

A open source project  that processes this data is available here:

Using Meetup API and BigQuery and to visualize data

Here's update to show RSVP history for most of the Google Developer Groups (GDG)'s in If any GDG is missing, please let us know.

Here's a little project that can possibly be used to get data from meetup api into CSV format for google sheets, etc and also BigQuery.


If you have your own list of meetup groups that you'd like to track then compile a list of all the meetup urls (what the API calls "group_urlname") and modify the file

If you have a BigQuery account, you could easily load all the RSVP history for all groups into BigQuery or any database.

See (requires a Google account I believe)

Here's a sample that can be produced in seconds:

The RSVP history over time for past and future events in select GDGs (Google Developer Groups)