Monday, March 2, 2015

Using Meetup API and BigQuery and to visualize data

Here's update to show RSVP history for most of the Google Developer Groups (GDG)'s in If any GDG is missing, please let us know.

Here's a little project that can possibly be used to get data from meetup api into CSV format for google sheets, etc and also BigQuery.


If you have your own list of meetup groups that you'd like to track then compile a list of all the meetup urls (what the API calls "group_urlname") and modify the file

If you have a BigQuery account, you could easily load all the RSVP history for all groups into BigQuery or any database.

See (requires a Google account I believe)

Here's a sample that can be produced in seconds:

The RSVP history over time for past and future events in select GDGs (Google Developer Groups) 

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