Monday, December 1, 2014

New York City Class 1 Average Property Tax Payment by Zipcode source: NYC DOF Assessment

New York City Class 1 Average Property Tax Payment by Zipcode source: NYC DOF Assessment

2014 New York City Class 1 Tax Burden
See interactive map

Based on the  New York City Department of Finance Assessment Data this study focuses on Class 1 property (Residential Properties for less than 4 families)

The red areas pay $8000 or more in property tax.  The blue areas pay $2100.  

A companion map that shows assessment ratio can be seen here: and details here

These two maps show the areas that are paying relatively low property tax vs. relatively high property tax.

The Assessment Ratio map shows the areas that are assessed below 6% and these areas will slowly rise to 6% over many decades due to current tax law
Tax Assessment Ratio map
Points of interests are:

  • Manhattan Class 1 property owners are paying on average up to $80K in property tax, but the assessment ratio is low so it will continue to rise very slowly over the next decades. 
  • The Park Slope area of Brooklyn's Class 1 property owners are paying very low property tax in real dollars on average relative to almost every other area and also have a very low assessment value and assessment ratio.  This is unique to Park Slope and the immediate surrounding area.
  • It is interesting to note that residents that are badly affected by plane noise nearby LaGuardia airport and JFK airport such as Whitestone Queens and parts of Rockaway Queens pay a large tax burden on average and also have a very high assessment ratio
To make it easier to see the tax burden vs. assessment ratio we allow you to see them on a similar map and style here:
  • Class 1 Tax Payment Property: map link
  • Class 1 Tax Assessment Ratio Property: map link
2014 New York City Class 1 Tax Burden
2014 New York City Class 1 Tax Assessment Ratio


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