Monday, June 8, 2015

Bills vs. Resolutions vs. Signed by Governor for New York State

Have you ever watched our New York State Legislature in action?  We highly recommend it.  See and .

One thing that you might notice is neither seem to support a HTTPS secure connection.  It seems odd that many of our important government sites do not support basic security.

You will be happy to know that our White House does support HTTPS TLS connection.

Good to see that Amsterdam trusts our white house
You also might ask the question what does our New York State Legislature do?  Well, see

According to the data at (A wonderful site that is highly recommended)  there are 26605 bills (which really means resolutions)

Also according to the data at,session:desc (A wonderful site that is still highly recommended)  there are 70437 bills (which really means bills)

The total is 97043.  See

At this point your are probably asking what is the difference between a bill and a resolution.  It appears that a resolution is a call for cheerleading.  For example, "A resolution to praise mothers on Mothers Day" while a bill is something that can become law.  It appears that Bills are signed while Resolutions are adopted.

So this leads to the question how many bills actually are signed by our governor.

Well, from the data that we have for 2009 to June 2015, here are the numbers.

Bills that actually are signed by the governor

This appears to mean that only 4.9% of bills become law.  This may be a good thing when you read some of these bills.

Here's an application that shows the "Bill Parade"

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