Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Tale of Two Cities: NYC School Poverty on a map



This is the result of a demographics law see

This page places the data on a map.  We cannot find a city published map of this data.

notice the ~0% poverty PS 321 next to very high poverty PS 282 etc

Beacon School One of the Best Test Scores and 85% poverty 

We can add the percent white to the map see:

Where the percent white is high the povery is low and vice versa

Notice in Park Slope, Brooklyn for instance, you'll see an inverse correlation between percent white and percent poverty.

Now you might believe that this is an issue that our Mayor De Blasio would address and he does.  Listen to

Title I Funding and Universal School Meals:

See for a map of the meals program at your school.

If anyone knows what UC stands for please add a comment here
See for a map for Title I funding

Title I funding per child on a map
It is interesting to see that those schools that have more than 50% poverty but below the Title I funding threshold of 60% get much lower funding per child in poverty.  See PS 262 for an example.

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