Thursday, February 6, 2014

Use Google Glass as a personal memory aid by looking up information in your own spreadsheet

Use Google Glass as a personal memory aid by looking up information in your own spreadsheet.

One use case is to allow users to store their own personal memory key value pairs or even for companies to store information key value pairs for customers or employees.  For example, let us say a museum would like to give personalized information about their ever changing collection.  A museum goer could receive a pair of Google Glasses and simply say the name of the item and Glass could provide the custom information that the museum would like the museum goer to see or read.

For example,

Of course, the result could be text or annotated image or even a web page.

Another use case is looking up all the Taxi and Limousine license plates in New York City.  The database is loaded with thousands of TLC license holders and you can speak the license plate and the system returns the owner.

For example,

Since the Voice recognizer seems to try to always make words out of your speech, when appropriate, we translate back to more probable license plate values.  For example, you say "1a20b" and Android/Glass/GDK returns "1 a 20 be" and we search for "1a20b" since that is a more probable license plate value.

Here's something that I'm discovering about Glass. It's almost impossible to dictate strings of letters and numbers and have glass translate them correctly.


For example


will return unpredictable results

such as

1812 be
181 to be

almost never


so i'm put bandaids in the code to translate

"to" to "2"

I even let the user use the "able" "baker" "charlie" words
but that does not even help enough.

I'm implementing plan B. use the image of the license plate or the medallion number and see how that works :)

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