Saturday, January 24, 2015

Williamsburg Bridge Greenway connector?

See Williamsburg Bridge Greenway connector:

Here's your task.  You want to commute to work from Southeast Williamsburgh to Manhattan.  You have many decisions.  

Your goals are:
  • Beautiful path
  • Fresh air
  • Smooth roads
  • Safe roads
  • Minimize interaction with motor vehicles
  • Minimize commute time
To minimize commute time, you may pick Broadway in Williamsburg since it is a direct route.

Direct Route to Williamsburg Bridge from Southeast

Safer Route to Williamsburg Bridge from Southeast

You would be better off taking the Blue Lines until...

Welcome to BQE Williamsburg Bridge Disaster
You reach the BQE disaster!

Yes this is what it looks like

Could we not have a Brooklyn Side Willyb bike path approach like the Manhattan Bridge here???
Compare to Queens side of Queensboro bridge
Compare to Brooklyn side of Manhattan bridge

Here's what the BQE above looks like

But we cyclists and pedestrians and local street drivers receive!

A mess!

Dangerous crossings

Parks that have no safe entrance

Cyclists are literally directed to go on the sidewalk at this point it appears.

The overall grade for the Williamsburg Bridge cyclist/pedestrian access on the northeast side of the Williamsburg bridge is Zero.   This is not to be confused with VisionZero which is a worthy goal that New York City borrowed from Sweden.

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