Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Please everyone look at the New York State Budget

Please go to and tell everyone what you think.

For example, sort on 2015-2016 Estimates "descending".  You will see that the top value is 991 which means that the project with the highest estimate is $991,000 which is clearly not true because there are entries for $31 Billion.  This is simply a bug in the sorting.  Our NYS site is sorting based on alphabetic sorting.  Yes 9 is after 3, but $31 Billion is greater than $991 K.

This is really a shame that our is so filled with bugs.

  • Where are the details for all of the numbers?
  • Where is the process for oversight and the application for the budget categories?
  • Where is the transparency?
  • Where is the referendum vote for each of these items?
For those that want a working spreadsheet version of this New York State Budget as downloaded today see:

Yes this sorts $991K as larger than $31Billion Oy Vey!  this is a disgrace!

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